This websites main purpose is to have somewhere of my own to publish my Photo & Photoshop images, I have no qualms with publishing my images on other sites, but  I wanted a place where I could upload/publish all of my images as a kind of collected works.

My biggest passion in life outside of my family is Chelsea Football Club, I have been a supporter since the age of 7, which makes it 41 years now…….!  Other than Chelsea, I have been a keen photo enthusiast for many years, getting though 1000’s of rolls of film, shooting many different subjects, mainly Football & F1, but I lost interest for quite a few years, and then the digital revolution happened.

This opened the door to a whole new world and I was hooked once again. Digital photography has allowed us to reach new heights regarding image quality and manipulation, the possibilities are simply endless!

The tools I use for my images are by no means professional, but at the end of the day this is just a hobby for me, even if I do dream of owning better equipment. I use mainly Canon & SIGMA equipment for my photography, Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Illustrator CS3 for my image manipulation and design, and Cinema 4D for any 3D images I do.

I am far from being an expert with any of these tools of the craft, but my enjoyment of these art forms and the passion for my hobby drives me to become a more accomplished photographer and image designer.

”I am on a long, but enjoyable journey where the only thing that dictates how far and fast I travel is my artistic fantasy.”  AdyP

I hope you enjoy the images on the site as much as I do.

If you would like any of the images on this website in their original Hi Res format, or have any thoughts, comments, requests or criticisms, please contact me via my guestbook or by mail. 

You can also have any of the images on my site on a T-Shirt by visiting the T-Shirt page and following the instructions.