This page is dedicated to PS3 Themes and backgrounds, at the moment there are only previews of the themes that I have designed, but sometime in the future you will be able to download the theme or background files from this site.

A normal PS3 theme consists of one or more custom HD/SD background images and 73 custom icons, the PS3 themes you see here took between 8 and 10 hours each to design and create.

You can also have any of the images on my site on a T-Shirt by visiting the T-Shirt page and following the instructions.

If you would like to download my PS3 Themes, just click on this link to

– Click on the album image you would like to view.
– Open the gallery slide show by clicking on one of the images.
– Navigate left & right by using the arrows at the bottom of the image.
– To close the gallery slide show click on the image.